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We are committed to supporting the integration of culture, identity, and life experience for adoptee individuals, their families, and the greater community.

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Thank you to everyone who has participated in the online survey portion of the Needs Assessment thus far. Without your involvement, this project could not exist. The online portion of the Needs Assessment will continue through Fall 2012 and the 2nd iPad drawing will be held at that time. 

Minnesota International Adoptee Needs Assessment

The Minnesota International Adoptee Needs Assessment will conduct outreach throughout the state of Minnesota where many adoptee families are concentrated (Rochester, St. Cloud, Willmar, Duluth, Brainerd, Marshall, and the Twin Cities) The overarching goal is to obtain an accurate picture of the experiences, needs, and issues faced by international adoptees living in Minnesota.

AdopSource and its partners are conducting the first and only statewide needs assessment that aims to address issues relating to racial identity and adoptee awareness. This project is unique because it is conceived of and carried out by adult adoptees, with some input from adoptive parents. It aims to help adoptees that have had similar experiences. Although international adoption has been taking place for over the past 60 years, AdopSource and its partners recognize gaps in services and a lack of resources offered to adoptees and their families.




This is a 2 year study from Summer 2011 through Summer 2013. This study aims to reach at least 3% of each population (Approximately 1,000 people total)

Our methods will include:

Face to Face Contact (30% or 300 adoptees)
• Individual Interviews
• Focus groups with facilitator

Indirect Contact (70% or 700 adoptees)
• Online surveys
• Paper surveys

These methods will help collect community concerns, opinions, and suggestions.

Target audience:
• Adult adoptees (18 years and older)
• Youth adoptees (13-18 years)
• Two adult family members immediate to the adoptee

1. Documentary DVD
2. Book

Partners and Sponsors




Ways to contribute:


P.O Box 18435
Minneapolis, MN 55418



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